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National Child Safety and Protection Month

National Child Safety and Protection Month

Each area of the house requires different safety features. Please see below and check your home to see if you have any updates to work on.  


  • Make sure working fire alarms are installed in or near each bedroom. 

  • Eliminate suffocation risks in the crib by removing toys, pillows, blankets and other items that could present the risk of suffocation. 

  • Install window guards to prevent your child from unsupervised exploring. 


  • Install toilet locks so children cannot enter them and make a mess or risk drowning. 

  • Ensure cabinets and drawers have child proof locks so children cannot reach medicines or hazardous items. 

Living areas 

  • Place electrical cords and window blind cords out of reach. 

  • Cover unused outlets. 

  • Use corner protectors and edge bumpers to reduce injuries from sharp edges. 

  • Use a rubber door stop to prevent hands from being pinched in doors. 

  • Place furniture away from windows so your children cannot climb up and risk the chance of falling. 

  • Put up safety gates in front of any stairs in your house. 


  • Lock stove knob or use protective appliance stove covers to prevent children from igniting stove burners. 

  • Install child safety locks on any drawers or cabinets with sharp utensils and cleaning supplies. 

  • Place a safety cover over the garbage disposal to protect little hands. 


To safeguard more than just your little ones, Farm Bureau has life insurance policies to help protect your entire family. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us!  

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