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What to do in Michigan if you get in a car accident

In the unfortunate circumstance, someone was to get in a car accident, we at The Stephens Family Agency want you to remain calm and remember these steps.  

Step 1. Call the police  

Following any car crash incident in Michigan, the victim of the crash should contact the police department to file a police report. If needed, report any medical assistance. When the victims are in good health, it is vital to obtain a copy of the police report.  

Step 2. Obtain Documentation  

If you are able to, obtain the contact information of passengers, witnesses, and all parties involved. Receive each person’s name, phone number, address, insurance company, and license plate. Document any injuries/damage to everyone involved and/or the vehicle. Take photos of the scene.  

Step 3. Obtain the police report  

Most police reports can be found online.

Step 4. Michigan’s No-Fault Law 

Immediately notify your auto insurance company after your accident. Research and understand your rights under Michigan's No-Fault Law. You must fill out an application for No-Fault benefits.  

Step 5. Keep Good Records 

After the car accident, document all visits to assist damages from the accident involving your personal health and vehicle.  


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